Long distance UHF RFID Flexible Textile Laundry Tag

Short Description:

Fabric laundry tag is encapsulated by nylon fabric and built-in RFID chip, suitable for high temperature, high humidity, high pressure environment. Can be washed and soaked, repeated rubbing, directly ironing, sewing. It is a very thin and durable washable laundry tag which widely used in garment factory, laundry, medical logistics laundry, chemical raw materials and the need of high temperature and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other harsh environment.

  • Supply Ability: 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Shape & Dimension

    1. Tag Size:70x15x1.45mm

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    1. 200 pcs/bag,0.15kg/bag,5 bags(1000 pcs)/carton

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    2. Carton weight:0.8KG

    3. Carton dimension:200x130x100mm

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    Performance Specification

    Frequency  902-928Mhz(US standard need to be customized
    Chip Type NXP UCODE 7 or Alien H3
    Chip Memory EPC128-bits,user area 32 bits.
    Working Mode Read and Write
    Tag Polarization Linear
    Material Polyester
    Size 70x15x1.45mm or customized
    color White
     Working Temperature  -25~70 degrees
    Warranty 1 year or 350 times washing
    Certificate ROHS and SGS
    Packing 200 pcs per bag,0.15KG per bag

    How TO Use RFID Laundry Tags


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    Towel and bed sheet Laundry management                                   Towel and bed sheet Laundry management

    Solution description

    The whole system include 5 steps as below:

    • Laundry factory pick up uniforms from customer, and sew RFID laundry tag on the uniforms.

    • All the uniforms pass the runner gate, the reader on the gate both side can scan multiple tags at the same time, system can know the specific uniforms quantity enter at the same time.

    • During the washing line, also have RFID reader on the line.it can write washing history data into tags, the main system will keep record.

    • After wash,need come to drying line, it can use RFID reader to check inventory。

    • After finish wash and dry, it will pass the runner gate again,when reader scan, main system can know how many uniforms finish laundry and left at what time.

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