Factory Price and Wholesale JCOP JAVA CARD

Factory Price and Wholesale JCOP JAVA CARD 


Security features
JCOP V2.4.1 includes extensive support for security applications based on following
*Support for Triple-DES co-processor
*AES cryptography based on SmartMX AES cryptographic co-processor
*RSA support for the key lengths up to 2048 bit
*Elliptic Curve Cryptography with key lengths up to 320 bit
*SHA1, SHA-224 and SHA-256
*Support for SEED algorithm
*Support for MD5
*On-Card Key generation
*CRC calculations
*Data Authentication Pattern (DAP) for the Supplementary Security Domains

-Java Card: 2.2.2

-Global Platform: 2.1.1

-Appl.backward compatible VGP 2.0.1’[1]: Yes

-ISO/IEC 7816T=0, T=1: Yes


Transient Heap(RAM): 2406 bytes

Persistent Heap(EEPROM):35940 bytes

Free ROM for Applets: 76208 bytes

APDU Buffer: 1462 bytes


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