China Library RFID Tags Case

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The Xihua University’s reputation for research and resources attracts students from all over the China.

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The RFID Library Management Solutionof GSRFID is designed to offer one-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology. Using the latest RFID technology, information can be read much faster than with traditional barcodes. This technology improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures, while at the same time providing better protection of library resources. Our Solution can support small office library as well as mega libraries with millions of books.

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GSRFID company is a professional RFID tag companies, we not only offer the technology of how to make a tags and cards, but also we could offer a solution to solve your problem, for example, logistics solutions,jewelry solution, republic traffic and so on, this time we could do Oxford library RFID tag, for us, it is a bonus that we don’t touched this industry, but this case prove us that our technology is very mature and we should expand our business scope. We believe we can do it very very.

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Post time: Oct-12-2019
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