Indonesia Bus Card Case

GSRFID company is the leading RFID product factory,we won the Indonesia Bus Card project 5 years ago,we keep supplying Indonesia Bus Cards for their government for 7 years.

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GSRFID bus cards have many advantages as bellow

1. More durable with PET or PVC materials

2. More security with original NXP Mifare DESfire ev1, mifare ultralight ev1, ev2, and DESfire 1k, 4k,8k chips.

3. Support all kinds of printing styles and craft, pantone color,offset printing,silk-printing,etc.

4. Powerful technician teams support BUS CARD solution.

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GSRFID company welcome to contact us via mail,call,and visit us!

We are making RFID bus cards,we also create new level of RFID products.

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