RFID Jewelry Tag Case In Italy

GSRFID got a jewelry RFID tag inquiry from a international company in Italy which is the luxury goods capital in the world on 8th Oct. 2012.

This is big customer for GSRFID,it is great opportunity and challenge for us. Through half an years’ design and sample making one and one more time,finally, we make it.

We create a new and innovative jewelry tags for this Italy company,including various RFID jewelry tags for luxury diamond rings, luxury men’s and women’s watches, luxury men’s and women’s leather handbags, and the belts,etc. Each kinds of goods has a unique design for RFID jewelry tags with different original chips,such as NXP mifare ultralgiht, mifare desfire ev1,Ntag 213,ntag 215 model chips.



So far, this big customer is really happy for working with us those years, we are discussing on more further cooperation in next years and deep cooperation on RFID tracking and NFC tags.

We are always keeping our promise on confidentiality Agreements of all the designs and business information for this big customers. Sincerely,we are expecting to meet more customers like this to create more and more contribute on RFID jewelry tags career and push the coming 5G IOT times,Let’s look forward to it!

The Writer: GSRFID Tech

Company Web.: www.gsrfid.com

Contact person: Cici

Mail: cici@gsrfid.com

Post time: Oct-12-2019
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