RFID Metro Card Tickets and Tokens in Chengdu,China

GSRFID Won the bid of Chengdu Metro card tickets and tokens since 2012.

We supplying over 5 million per year to Chengdu transit government department,including the printed RFID metro cards,disposable one-way metro paper tickets and one-way RFID token tickets.

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The tickets are fully made with the strict requirements. Pantone color printing,laser series number printing,UID collection,and data re-encoding, more more thinner paper and PET tickets,etc.

We keep stable and fast delivery time for our government,all the metro tickets are made with original NXP Mifare S50 chips, and NXP Mifare ultralgiht, mifare DESfire 1k,4k,8k, all the RFID metro tickets can be reading and re-writing over 100,000 times.

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GSRFID have never stopped the innovation and development on new RFID products and RFID solution now and future,we respect our clients’ requirement, but also give our best advise on RFID metro cards and token solutions.

GSRFID enjoy solving various RFID difficulty we facing every day,and already make a big difference on metro tickets solution through many experienced cases we make.

Welcome to contact GSRFID by mail,call,and visiting.

The Writer: GSRFID Tech

Company Web.: www.gsrfid.com

Contact person: Cici

Mail: cici@gsrfid.com


Post time: Oct-12-2019
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